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Kamon Reynolds


KAMON REYNOLDS is the co-founder (with his wife) of the North American Honey Bee Expo and Tennessee's Bees and has been keeping bees in North Central Tennessee for 21 years.

Kamon keeps 250+ hives with his wife Laurel. Kamon and Laurel also have filmed hundreds of educational videos to help new and veteran beekeepers around the world keep their bees successfully. Though Kamon does 99% of the talking, Laurel has been Beekeeping for 16 years and is an invaluable part of their Business Tennessee’s Bees LLC. Tennessee’s Bees specializes in quality Bee Genetics, Pure Tennessee Honey, and Honeybee Education. Their videos can be found on

Kamon currently has 60,000 beekeepers that follow him on Youtube. 

Kamon Reynolds
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