Bee on Flower

December Mini-Conference and WAS Annual Membership Meeting
The Saskatraz Queen Bee and Hybrid Projects – The Search for Better Queens
Albert J. Robertson, Meadow Ridge Enterprises LTD.

Wednesday, December 15, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC


November Mini-Conference - American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) and
American Honey Producers Association (AHPA)

Thursday, November 11, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

drone cells and varroa 1.jpg

September Mini-Conference - Oxalic Acid and Varroa Mites from the Experts

Wednesday, September 15, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

Beekeeper with Honeycomb

August Mini-Conference - Honey Bee Health

Wednesday, August 25, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

Coffee and Magazines

July Mini-Conference - Beekeeper Education and Communication

Wednesday, July 21, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time)

Honey Jars

June Mini-Conference - Honey Varietals and Marketing 

Wednesday, June 16, 7 PM (MDT)


May Mini-Conference - History of Beekeeping in the US and Sociology

of Sustainable Beekeeping

Wednesday, May 19, 7 PM (MDT)

Beekeeper with Honeycomb

April Mini-Conference - Veterans, Soldiers and Bees RECORDING

Wednesday, April 28, 7 PM (MDT)

Bees at Work

March Mini-Conference - Alternatives for Varroa Control and

Determinants of European Foul Brood RECORDINGS

Wednesday, March 24, 7 PM (MST)


February Mini-Conference - Zooming Down to the Bee Gut Microbiome


Held Wednesday, February 24, 2021


January Mini-Conference - Queens and Drones - RECORDINGS

Held January 20, 2021


December 2020 Mini-Conference - Heating Beehives - RECORDINGS

Held December 5, 2020