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February 2024 Mini-Conference
Topic: A Tribute to the Memory of Kim Flottum
Speakers: Dr. James Tew and Julia Common
Moderator: Dr. Dewey Caron

Tuesday  February 20th, 2024, 7PM Mountain Standard Time (2 AM UTC Wednesday Feb. 21th)

December 2023 Mini-Conference and AGM
Topic: The Silken Thread and Annual General Meeting
Speakers: Dr Rob Wiedenmann and Etienne Tardif
Moderator: Dr. Dewey Caron

Tuesday  December 12th, 7PM Mountain Standard Time (2 AM UTC Wednesday Dec. 13th)

July 2023 Mini-Conference
Topic: Detroit Is The Place To Bee!
Speakers: Timothy Jackson and Nicole Lindsey of Detroit Hives
Moderator: Melanie Kirby

Wednesday  July 19th, 7PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

June 2023 Mini-Conference
Topic: Queen Banking and Rearing
Speakers: Ellen Topitzhofer & Eric and Joy McEwen
Moderator: Dr. Dewey Caron

Tuesday  June 13th, 7PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

May 2023 Mini-Conference
Topic: Enhancing your Beekeeping Club Organization, Cooperation and Activities
Speakers: Michele Colopy & Debbie Seib
Moderator: Dr. Medhat Nasr

Tuesday  April 18th, 7PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

April 2023 Mini-Conference
Topic: Bee Diversity & Cultivating Engaged Keepers
Speakers: Dr. Deborah Delaney & Carolyn Breece
Moderator: Dr. Dewey Caron

Tuesday  April 18th, 7PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

March 2023 Mini-Conference
Topic: European Black Bee Conservation​
Speakers: Roderick Wheatley & John Thorp
Moderator: Melanie Kirby

Saturday  March 11th, 10 AM (Mountain Standard Time), 5 PM UTC

February 2023 Mini-Conference
Topic: Talking with Pheromones
Speakers: Dr. Jon Zawislak
Moderator: Dr. Dewey Caron

Wednesday February 15th , 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

October 2022 Mini-Conference
Topic: Queen Issues & Brood Factories
Speakers: Dr David Tarpy & Michael Palmer
Moderator: Melanie Kirby/Etienne Tardif 

Wednesday October 19th , 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 1.08.32 PM.png
September 2022 Mini-Conference
Topic: Nosema and Seaweed
Speakers: Dr Martin Porrini & Dara Scott
Moderator: Melanie Kirby/Etienne Tardif 

Tuesday August 2nd, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

August 2022 Mini-Conference
Topic: All About Varroa
Speakers: Dr Kelly Kulhanek & Dr Nuria Morfin
Moderator: Melanie Kirby 

Tuesday August 2nd, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

July 2022 Mini-Conference
Topic: Queens and Drones
Speakers: Dr Juliana Rangel & Garrett Slater
Moderator: Melanie Kirby 

Monday, July 18th, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

Chalkbrood 2.jpg
June 2022 Mini-Conference
Topic: Honey Bee Pathogens (Viruses & Chalkbrood) 
Speakers: Dr Marley Iredale & Dr Liz Walsh
Moderator: Melanie Kirby

Tuesday, June 14th, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

May 2022 Mini-Conference
Topic: Honey as a Functional Food for Bees & Honey Origins Citizen Science Project 
Speakers: Dr May Berenbaum & Etienne Tardif 
Moderator: Melanie Kirby

Wednesday, May 25th, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

April 2022 Mini-Conference
Urban Beekeeping Prospects and Challenges - North and South of the Border
Speakers: Dr Dewey Caron & Julia Common
Moderator: Etienne Tardif

Tuesday, April  19th, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

March 2022 Mini-Conference
Sustainable Apiaries
Speakers: Ian Steppler & Kamon Reynolds
Moderator: Etienne Tardif

Tuesday, March 8th, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

February 2022 Mini-Conference
Honeybee Nutrition Basics & Nutrition and feeding management
Speakers: Dr Dale Hill
Moderator: Melanie Kirby

Wednesday, February 16th, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

January 2022 Mini-Conference
Communicating with Bees  - New Insights into Bee and Colony Behaviors
Speakers: Rich Morris of Broodminder and Jerry Bromenshenk of the University of Montana and Bee Health Guru.
Moderator: Randy Oliver of Scientific Beekeeping

Wednesday, January 19th, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

Bee on Flower
December 2021 Mini-Conference and WAS Annual Membership Meeting
The Saskatraz Queen Bee and Hybrid Projects – The Search for Better Queens
Albert J. Robertson, Meadow Ridge Enterprises LTD.

Wednesday, December 15, 7 PM (Mountain Standard Time), 1 AM UTC

November Mini-Conference - American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) and
American Honey Producers Association (AHPA)

Thursday, November 11, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

drone cells and varroa 1.jpg
September Mini-Conference - Oxalic Acid and Varroa Mites from the Experts

Wednesday, September 15, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

Beekeeper with Honeycomb
August Mini-Conference - Honey Bee Health

Wednesday, August 25, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time), 1 AM UTC

Coffee and Magazines
July Mini-Conference - Beekeeper Education and Communication

Wednesday, July 21, 7 PM (Mountain Daylight Time)

Honey Jars
June Mini-Conference - Honey Varietals and Marketing 

Wednesday, June 16, 7 PM (MDT)

May Mini-Conference - History of Beekeeping in the US and Sociology
of Sustainable Beekeeping

Wednesday, May 19, 7 PM (MDT)

Beekeeper with Honeycomb
April Mini-Conference - Veterans, Soldiers and Bees RECORDING

Wednesday, April 28, 7 PM (MDT)

Bees at Work
March Mini-Conference - Alternatives for Varroa Control and
Determinants of European Foul Brood RECORDINGS

Wednesday, March 24, 7 PM (MST)

February Mini-Conference - Zooming Down to the Bee Gut Microbiome

Held Wednesday, February 24, 2021

January Mini-Conference - Queens and Drones - RECORDINGS

Held January 20, 2021

December 2020 Mini-Conference - Heating Beehives - RECORDINGS

Held December 5, 2020

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