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WAS 2020-21 Awards

Presidential Recognition Award for 2021

The award goes to Medhat Nasr, Ph.D , Agricultural Research Scientist, Bee Health Consultant, retired Provincial Apiculturist at Alberta Agriculture. Medhat received the award for his groundbreaking work on varroa mites and mite control. He pioneered oxalic acid treatments and continues to identify other control options. He is an indispensible resource to beekeepers.

Outstanding Service to Beekeeping Award for 2020

The award goes to Sherry Olsen-Frank, CPA, ECS

Sherry has been the WAS Treasurer since 2013. Her approach as Treasurer has always been to facilitate, not to impede. But she will call out unauthorized expenditures and set-up a two signature approval system for all major expenses. In all cases, her signature is required. Moreover, she's fully dedicated to helping WAS and other beekeepers.

Outstanding Service to Beekeeping Award for 2021

The award goes to Jaylene Naylor, IT/Lab Instructor, Assistant Director, Autonomous Aerial Systems Office, the University of Montana.

The award goes to Jaylene for her work in bringing WAS into the digital age with a completely new WAS website, an updated Society Mailchimp list, and the set-up and IT support necessary to launch 2021's monthly Mini-Conferences. In addition, she put together two great annual meeting programs for 2020 and 2021, but unfortunately, these had to be canceled due to the COVID pandemic.

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