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New Arizona Director - Monica King

We have a new Arizona director.

We are happy to welcome Monica King. She is a third-generation beekeeper who supports herself through beekeeping—selling bees, nucs, and queens; doing removals of Africanized bee colonies from structures; and teaching beekeeping classes among other things. She is our expert on beekeeping in Southern Arizona, particularly on Africanized bees. Moreover, she has long been involved in beekeeping organizations. She was a founder of the Southern Arizona Beekeepers Association and served as president. Currently she is serving her third term as vice-president. She also is involved in restarting a statewide beekeeping organization here in Arizona after the last one died in the 1990s. She has friends and acquaintances across the country involved in every aspect of beekeeping—from commercial operators to researchers to hobbyists. We think her knowledge of beekeeping and of beekeeping organizations would serve WAS well.

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