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Meet WAS President, Scott Steinfeldt

My name is Scott Steinfeldt. I live with my wife on 20 acres in the mountains between Whitehall and Butte Montana. We are avid outdoors people. We enjoy fly fishing, hunting, and camping. My wife and I raise and train Labrador Retrievers and German Wirehaired Pointers. I am a clinical Toxicologist and a retired Healthcare Administrator. Now, I’m known in our area as the “Beeman”. I cofounded our local be club in Butte Montana and teach classes each month during our club meetings. It’s been extremely rewarding to see our area begin to develop an interest in the science of beekeeping. Our club members have been very active in local policies and have reshaped beekeeping in our area.

I grew up on a ranch off the coast of Oregon. I gained an appreciation for bees while growing up on our ranch. My father dabbled in bees, but not seriously. I loved looking over his shoulder while he messed with a couple of hives and never lost my interest in it. We have been beekeeping now for 15 years. We currently own and operate Bald Mountain Apiary. We have 80 hives and raise and sell Queens, Nucs, and Honey. I completed the Master Beekeeping course through the University of Montana and found that training to be the most crucial decision I made in my beekeeping journey! I am currently enrolled in the University Montana's Commercial Beekeeping course.

My drive is to be a more educated beekeeper as I tend to my bees and provide others with an opportunity to be educated beekeepers. I am a scientist by training and at heart and have found WAS and the University Montana to be my go-to resource in my beekeeping journey.

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