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Linda Kletchko - Our newly appointed Saskatchewan Regional Director

Linda and her husband, Greg, started beekeeping in 1997 shortly after purchasing their farm. Like all new beekeepers, they started with two hives and somehow let the number creep up to 100.

Linda retired in 2019 after spending 37 years working with banking data and reports in the financial industry.

Linda has been a member of the Regina & District Bee Club since 1998 and held the Secretary Treasurer position for nine of the twelve years she served on their board. When beekeeping began to catch people's interest, the Regina & District Bee Club teamed up with the Saskatchewan Beekeeper's Association (now Saskatchewan Beekeeper's Development Commission) to offer a two-day Beginner Beekeeper's Course. Linda had access to a town hall within walking distance of her apiary so the course was held at her apiary for seven years until Covid stopped all in-person courses.

Linda also sits on the St. Joseph's SK Organized Hamlet Board and the Fort Qu'Appelle Farmer's Market Board.

Other than helping Greg run an organic farm containing cows, pigs and chickens, Linda keeps busy beekeeping, attending farmer's markets in the summer, and trade shows from fall to spring. She also keeps a huge summer garden where canning and freezing compete with "apiary time,” and is learning Spanish.

All of Greg and Linda's three children, along with their spouses and their own children, have helped out in one way or another in the apiary or honey house. One son has even shown a keen interest in the industry and has started to keep hives of his own.

She is amazed at the amount of interest and concern people have expressed in the health of our bee population. She is happy to share her knowledge about bees and beekeeping with anyone interested in listening.

Linda Kletchko receives lifetime member award

(Source: Regina and District Bee Club Newsletter)

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