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Kenneth Rhodes - Our newly appointed Idaho Regional Director

Kenneth, known by many as just Ken, is a 9 year veteran hobby

beekeeper. He got his start by getting a hive with bees from Browning

Honey and being mentored from an employee of theirs.

He completed the three year Master Beekeeping program from the

University of Montana in 2017.

Ken has been instrumental in starting the beekeeping club in Idaho Falls

along with three others among whom was the Bonneville county extension

agent. This group continued for three years. He was the president for two

of those. When it was handed over to another elected president the group

was redirected toward a Facebook page entitled ‘Beekeepers of Southeast


He has been asked to speak and teach at elementary schools and

gardening clubs throughout the Idaho Falls area. Ken has also been a

mentor for a High School student who did her senior project on honey

bees. Needless to say, she got a ‘A’ on her project. Together, they did a

display on honey bees at the Bonneville county fair which included honey

tasting and an observation hive.

Kenneth has worked for the past five years plus at a construction supply

outlet as the inside sales consultant.

He is married with three grown sons, the oldest of which helped him get

into beekeeping.

Ken was raised in northwest Montana and went to high school in Troy

Montana. (Literally in the sticks).

He now owns the home in which he and his family has lived in for twenty

years found in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

His hobbies include, besides keeping bees in town, fishing, woodworking

and gardening. Most of the wooden ware he has for beekeeping was made

in his wood shop.

When not catching swarms or harvesting honey, he is reading books and

blogs on beekeeping or even watching YouTube channels of Kamon

Reynolds or Ian Steppler, often messaging them about their techniques. He

often is found helping other hobbyists with their bees or answering

questions. In doing so, he has found there is no true black and white way

to keep honey bees.

Ken is truly a people person who loves to talk honey bees and assist others

wherever he can.

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