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Dr. Jennifer Short - Our newly appointed Washington Regional Director

Dr. Jennifer Short is a veterinarian and alumna of Washington State University. She has taught educational programs at both Colorado State University and Texas A&M, presenting a diverse range of topics from integrated production medicine to veterinary pathology. She also owned and operated both a veterinary private practice, specializing in large animal intensive production management, as well as an organic dairy farm in Colorado where she honed her homeopathic skills in treating disease. Her overarching passion is about sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and individual self-sufficiency in health and wellness. Dr. Short is currently on the board of directors for the Washington State Beekeepers Association and also sits on the Washington State Pollinator Protection Task Force. She has been a full-time beekeeper for the last six years on Camano Island, Washington, and owns and operates Camano Island Honey at Sanctuary Farms Apiary and The Road to Better Beekeeping – an educational platform for sustainable honey bee breeding and beekeeper education.

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