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Daniel W Schoenthal - Our newly appointed California Regional Director

Born and raised in the Willamette Valley surrounded by Orchards and Berry fields, Honey Bees were just another Livestock in the fields for his first 24 years. Daniel liked all creatures and found Bees easy to be around.

After college and going to work in the big city Daniel continued his Interest in observational biology using his technical skills for both Exotic & Native Animals. His Travels took him both to North and South America- remote cameras in tow. Bees however didn't follow him.

After retiring in 2008 and understanding that there were big troubles with the Honey Bee - a creature he had learned to respect - he wanted to take a fresh look at Honey Bees and formed BlueGreenHorizions to both do research and involve young people with the wonders of Bees.

He really wanted to share Bees he knew with young people as he knew how Bees increased your understanding of the whole world and the bigger picture. Something all young people can benefit from.

To take that fresh look he studied the oldest writings as well as the latest studies. Using cameras to watch feral hives without interfering with them was very eye opening to him. Watching a CCD in daily real time sparked his interest in preventive Mite control.

As he was doing his observational research he became aware of the human issues with Bees in Urban areas. Swarms, watering, Bees taking up homes in buildings and other "run ins" were holding back the loosening of regulations by local communities.

DW (as most beeks call him) wanted to modernize some swarm catching skills and bring a detailed look at the process of both catching reproductive swarms but also improve the survival and understanding of "Cutout Bees" population dynamics. By reducing the "chaos" around swarms and removals he wanted to help people understand they had some positive options.


Daniel runs Blue Green Horizons Bee Rescue (facebook page); he and his team divide their time between non-profit community bee rescue in Northern California and an LLC dedicated to research and development for rescuing bees with novel inventions to aid in removals. Blue Green Horizons specializes in complicated bee removals such as cut outs and trap outs along with feral swarm collection, with many examples of such relocation's being documented on social media where Daniel answers other beekeepers’ questions openly, giving tips and helpful advice.

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